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We believe that each individual will find the right practitioner. Just like you, each practitioner has different strengths, his or her own personality and background, and a story. We invite you to peruse through our various practitioner's websites and ask them questions or book appointments with them directly.

Brittany Nennig

Brittany owns and operates Artful Touch Massage and Bodywork. She was trained in Swedish Massage techniques and in Neuromuscular techniques. She also practices Applied Kinesiology and Emotional Release Therapy through Touch for Health, and sells a variety of wellness products. Find the root cause of your aches, pains, and frustrations with an appointment with Brittany.

Andrea Hanna

Andrea Hanna owns Andrea Hanna Therapeutic Massage. She specializes in Swedish and therapeutic massage techniques to help individuals find comfort, relaxation, and relief. Find solace and comfort after the day's intensity with a soothing massage from Andrea.

Joua Vang

Joua owns Beauti Browz, semi-permanent cosmetics. She can help you look your best every day with microblading, natural-looking enhanced eyebrows that require little-to-no upkeep. One treatment can make you look effortlessly put together every morning for up to a year and a half.

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